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About the Airbus ACJ318 Elite

ACJ318 Model Description

The ACJ318 Elite is based on Airbus’ commercial passenger airliner, the A318.  The ACJ Elite is the smallest and latest addition to the Airbus ACJ series of VIP Airliners.

The A318 has the same wings as the A319CJ Corporate Jetliner and ACJ320 Prestige, but its shorter fuselage allows greater take-off performance.  As a result, the ACJ318 Elite is approved for operations at (LCY) London City Airport, London’s most convenient airport located close to the Canary Wharf business district.

With seating for up to 19 passengers, the ACJ318 Elite is able to carry larger groups in a cabin with plenty of space and lots of freedom to relax or move around.  A sophisticated cabin management system features an entertainment system with dual CD and DVD players, AIRSHOW 4000 system, satellite phone, Wi-Fi Internet, six digital TV screens, executive lounge and a private office. The six TV monitors are connected to exterior cameras that give passengers a 360 degree external view underneath the aircraft or a direct view with zoom capability of the over flying area.

Performance Specifications (A318-112)

Cruise Speed:  470 knots

Range:  4,370 miles

Cabin Specifications (A318-112)

Passengers:  16 to 19

Cabin Volume:  5,300 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  7.4 ft.

Cabin Width:  12.2 ft.

Cabin Length:  70.3 ft.

Luggage:  448 cubic ft.