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About the Airbus H145 

H145 Model Description

The ultimate multi-function helicopter for charter operations on land and at sea, the Airbus H145 is at the top of its class in the medium-sized twin-engine helicopter category.

The Airbus H145, formerly known as the EC-145, features Eurocopter’s latest developments in advanced cockpit design and avionics. It has made its mark in the North American market by winning competitions based on the aircraft’s speed, advanced glass cockpit, extra-large cabin and exceptional visibility. With high-set main and tail rotors, the H145 ensures safe ground operations during loading and unloading with blades turning.

Performance Specifications (EC-145)

Cruise Speed:  133 knots

Range:  425 miles

Cabin Specifications (EC-145)

Passengers:  7 to 9

Cabin Volume:  185 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  4.2 ft.

Cabin Width:  5.6 ft.

Cabin Length:  7.4 ft.

Luggage:  47 cubic ft.


EC-145, EC145 T2, EC145 OPV, EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style