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About the Beechcraft 1900 

Beech 1900 Model Description

The Beechcraft 1900 is a regional twin-engine turboprop airliner used primarily as a corporate air shuttle or private charter aircraft for tour groups and collegiate sports teams.

The Beech 1900 typically seats 19 passengers in the comfort of a pressurized cabin. The Beech 1900 has also become a popular charter option for crew changes for Oil & Gas and Natural Resource companies operating in areas not serviced by commercial airline service.

Development of the Beechcraft 1900 commenced in 1979, the first flight was in 1982. The first corporate transport version was delivered in 1985. The model was developed as a result of the increasing demand for group air charter travel from Natural Resource and Oil & Gas companies. The BE-1900’s long range and large payload capability have made it a very popular charter option in North, South and Central America.

Performance Specifications (BE-1900)

Cruise Speed:  260 knots

Range:  1,470 miles

Cabin Specifications (BE-1900)

Passengers:  12 to 19

Cabin Volume:  760 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  5.9 ft.

Cabin Width:  4.5 ft.

Cabin Length:  33.9 ft.

Luggage:  55 cubic ft.


Beechcraft 1900C, Beechcraft 1900D