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About the Boeing B767-VIP

B767-VIP Model Description

The Boeing B767-VIP is an exclusive wide body VIP Airliner, or “bizliner”, dedicated to private charter services or short-term lease for  Government Heads of State, Global Corporations, Royal Families, and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWI’s).

The Boeing 767 has made more Atlantic crossings than any other aircraft in history.  The Boeing 767 Extended Range (ER) variant can fly nearly 16 hours nonstop.

In dual VIP/Business charter configuration the B767’s elegant and efficient cabin allows for world leaders to travel in extreme comfort and privacy at the front, with Business Class seating at the rear of the aircraft.

Performance Specifications (B767-300 VIP)

Cruise Speed:  464 knots

Range:  6,250 miles

Cabin Specifications (B767-300 VIP)

Passengers:  20 to 224

Cabin Volume:  17,089 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  9.4 ft.

Cabin Width:  15.5 ft.

Cabin Length:  132.4 ft.

Luggage:  5,622 cubic ft.


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