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About the Cessna Citation Bravo

Citation Bravo Model Description

The Cessna Citation Bravo (CE-550B) is a comfortable and reliable Light Jet with a fantastic pedigree and safety record.  In 1995, Cessna decided to re-market the popular Citation II model as the Cessna Citation Bravo.

The CE-550 is an ideal choice for charter flights less than four hours in duration.  The Citation II can also fly up to eight passengers and two crew members at a cruising speed of about 370 knots.  The functional design of the Citation II makes it one of the most practical cabins a private jet can offer.

Performance Specifications (CE-550B)

Cruise Speed:  370 knots

Range:  1,845 miles

Cabin Specifications (CE-550B)

Passengers:  7 to 8

Cabin Volume:  278 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  4.7 ft.

Cabin Width: 4.8 ft.

Cabin Length:  15.8 ft.

Luggage:  73 cubic ft.


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