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About the Cessna Citation Sovereign 

Sovereign Model Description

The Cessna Citation Sovereign comfortably seats up to nine passengers and with a max range of over 3,000 miles it is ideal for medium to long-range charter flights.

The Cessna Sovereign is fitted with two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW306C turbofan engines, each providing 5,600lbs of thrust. The Sovereign has state-of-the-art avionics technology, and features a short-runway performance design enabling it to access more destinations.

Known as an incredibly easy-to-fly aircraft, the Citation Sovereign is a favorite among corporate jet pilots.

Performance Specifications (CE-680)

Cruise Speed:  447 knots

Range:  3,275 miles

Cabin Specifications (CE-680)

Passengers:  8 to 9

Cabin Volume:  620 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  5.7 ft.

Cabin Width:  5.5 ft.

Cabin Length:  25.2 ft.

Luggage:  135 cubic ft.