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The revolutionary new Jet Card featuring distance-based pricing.

Stop buying timeStart saving.

DISTANCE CARD™ featured in JetSet magazine. Read the article here.

The DISTANCE CARD™ is a new private jet travel product designed to combine the convenience of a Jet Card with the value and flexibility found only in On-Demand Charter.

With packages starting at only $25,000 the DISTANCE CARD™ will take you farther than any other Jet Card on the market.

Why is the DISTANCE CARD™ the best Jet Card?

It's more than just a better price model...

  • Unmatched jet size flexibility and no interchange fees
  • 100% quantifiable distance-based pricing
  • Simple pricing formula (Total miles x Price per mile = TOTAL COST)
  • No difference between one-way and round trip rates
  • Guaranteed mileage rates to over 250 International Destinations
  • Guaranteed availability in as little as 48 hours
  • Escrow account option
  • Free aircraft category upgrades
  • Discount Incentives: 5% off for early booking, 5% off same-day round trips, 5% off DISTANCE CARD™ Hubs airports
  • Tiered pricing model (the further you fly the more you save)
  • No overnight fees
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No black-out dates
  • No positioning/repositioning fees
  • No asset to purchase
  • No price adjustments
  • No membership or management fees
  • No expiration date



How does the DISTANCE CARD™ work?

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Unlike fractional ownership or traditional jet cards that offer a fixed amount of hours on a specific aircraft model or category, the DISTANCE CARD™ allows members purchase private jet travel priced by total miles flown.

The DISTANCE CARD™ works like a debit card, so members enjoy the freedom to move between aircraft categories and choose the most appropriate aircraft size for their travel on a trip-by-trip basis.

Pricing is calculated using a simple formula based on a set price per mile:

Total miles flown x Price per mile = Total flight cost

An Industry

DISTANCE CARD™ International Destinations

Guaranteed mileage rates to over 250 international destinations.


The DISTANCE CARD™ is forged from 1.5 troy ounces of investment-grade Fine Silver (.999) or Pure 24kt Gold (.9999) by luxury travel jewelry designer Jet Set Candy, and delivered in a presentation case.

private jet card


Pre-Paid Flight Value: $25,000 USD

Metal: Fine Silver (.999)

Weight: 1.5 Troy Ounces

Purchase Price: $26,875 USD (Taxes Included)

jet card


Pre-Paid Flight Value: $100,000 USD

Metal: Pure 24kt Gold (.9999)

Weight: 1.5 Troy Ounces

Purchase Price: $107,500 USD (Taxes Included)

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1. What is the difference between a statute mile and a nautical mile?

The statute mile is a mile on land, and is equal to 5280 feet. While the nautical mile is based on the circumference of the earth, and is equal to one minute of latitude. A nautical mile varies from 6046 feet on the Equator to 6092 feet at latitude 60°. This difference is due to the Earth not being a perfect sphere, but slightly flattened at the poles – an oblate spheroid. It is slightly more than a statute (land measured) mile: 1 nautical mile = 1.1508 statute miles. The ‘standard’ nautical mile is taken as 6080 feet.

2. How do I calculate the mileage for my trip?

Total miles between any airport pair(s) may be obtained at http://www.gcmap.com/.

3. How do I calculate my total cost for a trip?

DISTANCE CARD™ flight charges shall be calculated by the following mileage baser formula:

Total miles x Price per mile = Total flight cost

The DISTANCE CARD™ is the ultimate combination of value, flexibility, and simplicity.

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