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About the Gulfstream G450 

G450 Model Description

With its intercontinental range, the Gulfstream G450 easily links Europe with the United States.  It comfortably seats 12 to 16 passengers in luxurious accommodations with berthing for six. The long cabin, with plenty of stand-up head room and dual lavatories, allows you move about with ease, stretch out and relax or work in comfort with increased productivity.

The Gulfstream G450 is well suited for long-range executive charter flights with features such as WiFi Internet, Satellite TV, multiple cabin monitors, Airshow, CD/DVD Entertainment System, high-speed data ports, and fax capabilities.

The G450 has a maximum range of 4,750 miles at its normal cruise speed of 476 knots.  A model of operational efficiency, the G450 boasts a charter dispatch reliability rate greater than 99.8 percent.

Performance Specifications (G-IVX)

Cruise Speed:  476 knots

Range:  4,750 miles


Cabin Specifications (G-IVX)

Passengers:  12 to 16

Cabin Volume:  1,525 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  6.1 ft.

Cabin Width:  7.3 ft.

Cabin Length:  45.1 ft.

Luggage:  169 cubic ft.



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