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About the Hawker 4000 Horizon …

Hawker 4000 Model Description

The Hawker 4000 Horizon is a super-mid-sized business jet developed by Hawker-Beechcraft and Raytheon Aircraft Company. The Horizon is the largest aircraft in the Hawker jet family and features a swept aluminum wing design. The Hawker 4000 can comfortably seat up to ten passengers.

Performance Specifications (HS-125-4000)

Cruise Speed:  470 knots

Range:  3,690 miles

Cabin Specifications (HS-125-4000)

Passengers:  8 to 10

Cabin Volume:  762 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  6 ft.

Cabin Width:  6.5 ft.

Cabin Length:  25 ft.

Luggage:  115 cubic ft.