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Light Jet


A Light Jet can fly at higher altitudes, making trips much smoother than flights in their turboprop counter parts. The advanced turbofan engines that power the aircraft allow for an extremely quiet trip.  Light Jets typically have a capacity of 5 to 8 passengers with a cruise speed of 400-520 mph.

Beechjet 400A
The BeechJet 400A is a premier executive light business jet.  The BeechJet 400A features expanded cabin space with an executive leather interior.

Capacity: 8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 435 mph
Range: 1,350 miles
Baggage Capacity: 59 cu.ft
Cessna Citation Encore

The Citation Encore is considered one of the most popular light jets.  The Citation Encore uses the latest technology to enhance it performance.  It also has advancements in avionics and new landing gear which provides a smoother taxi and landing experience.  The Citation Encore jet's cabin is more than seventeen feet in length giving this light jet a more comfortable and spacious feel.

Capacity:  6 - 8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  480 mph
Range:  1,837 miles
Baggage Capacity:  69 cu.ft.
Cessna Citation II
The Cessna Citation II is a versatile twin engine aircraft.  The Cessna Citation II is a reliable aircraft and is designed to take off and land from most fields used by light and medium jets.
Capacity: 6 - 8 passengersw
Cruising Speed:  403 mph
Range: 1,840 miles
Baggage Capacity:  36 cu.ft.
Cessna CJ1
The Cessna CJ1 was developed as an improved version of the original Citation Jet.  The CJ1 has improved avionics and an increase in maximum takeoff.  The interior of the Citation CJ1 is made up of rich materials with extra headroom and elbowroom.  

Capacity:  6 passengers
Cruising Speed: 410 mph
Range: 1,475 miles
Baggage Capacity:  59 cu.ft.
Cessna CJ2
The Citation CJ2 is an American turbofan-powered light corporate jets.  The Citaton CJ2 has updated avionics, and impeccable design and performance.  There is plenty of room for passengers to relax.
Capacity:  6 - 8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  410 mph
Range:  1,738 miles
Baggage Capacity:  74 cu.ft.
Cessna CJ3

The Cessna Citation CJ3 is recommended for short to mid range trips.  The CJ3 is a beautifully designed jet with great performance.  The CJ3 can fly higher, faster and further then most jets in it's class.  This spacious, efficient and well-equipped airplane represents a favorite among aircrafts of its size.

Capacity:  6 passengers
Cruising Speed:  476 mph
Range:  2,036 miles
Baggage Capacity:  74 cu.ft.

Citation Mustang
The Citation Mustang is a very light jet and seat up to five people.  The Citation Mustang is a certified single pilot jet.  The Citation Mustang offers a high level of performance and comfort, whether you are flying for business or recreational purposes the Citation Mustang will accomodate your needs.

Capacity:  5 passengers
Cruising Speed:  391 mph
Range:  1,300 miles
Baggage Capacity:  45 cu.ft.
Citation V Ultra
The Cessna Citation V was created as the answer to growing demand for increased cabin space for light jets. The Citation V is a stretched version of the Citation II adding over 20 inches in overall length. The Citation V has upgraded engines for improved all around performance. Cessna re-branded the Citation V the Citation V Ultra in 1993, further improving the engines and avionics of its predecessor. The Citation Ultra features extended range and can make non stop flight from Ft. Lauderdale to  New York, Aspen to San Francisco and Southern California.
Capacity:  7-8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  510 mph
Range:  1,900 miles
Baggage Capacity: 67 cu.ft.
Embraer Phenom 100
Embraer Phenom 100
Falcon 10 / Falcon 100
The Dassault Falcon 10/100 is one of the fastest jets available for private charter.  The Falcon 10/100 travels at 520 mph and will accommodate 6 to 7 passengers.  

Passenger Capacity: 6 - 7 passengers
Cruising Speed: 520 mph
Range: 1,750 miles
Baggage Capacity: 41 cu.ft.
Hawker 400XP
The Hawker 400XP is a very unique aircraft designed by Raytheon's Beech Aircraft Company.  It is the fastest light jet of choice in the light-jet market. The Hawker 400XP innovative design includes a well-equipped galley, four place center club seating and the largest cabin of any comparable aircraft.  This is a business jet that provides flexibility, low operating costs and comfort in a single package.
Capcity:  7-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 515 mph
Range: 1,475 miles
Baggage Capacity: 59 cu. ft.
Lear 31A
The Lear 31A is the fastest aircraft in its class.  The Lear 31A cruises at 525 mph at 45,000 to 47,000 feet while still offering low operational costs per nautical mile. 

Passenger Capacity:  6 - 7 passengers
Cruising Speed:  525 mph
Range: 1,665 miles
Baggage Capacity:  40 cu.ft.
Lear 40/40XR
The Lear 40/40XR is the latest executive light jet produced by Learjet.  The Lear 40/40XR is a larger aircraft and is more powerful and has a more spacious interior.  It can fly at higher altitudes which can make the trip smoother than their turboprop counterparts. 

Capacity:  6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  465 mph
Range:  1,824 miles
Baggage Capacity:  70 cu.ft.
Premier 1A

The Premier 1A is an excellent choice for short to mid range trips.  The Premier 1A has the ability to fly as speeds up to 520 mph and can fly at altitudes up to 41,000 feet.  The Premier 1A can seat up to six passengers and is a very comfortable light jet considering its size. 

Capacity:  6 - 7 passengers
Cruising Speed: 450 mph
Range: 1,490 miles
Baggage Capacity:  83 cu.ft.
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