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Mid Jet


A mid-size jet has an average cabin height of five and a half feet.  Like light jets, mid-size jets are configured to seat six to eight passengers.  Most mid-size jets have a fully enclosed lavatory offering complete privacy.  Mid-size jets typically fly at speeds between 450-520 mph.

Astra-Gulfstream 1125
The Astra Series is the most popular mid-size corporate jet today.  The Astra features tremendous range for a mid-size jet and it can fly in and out of over 5,000 airports.

Capacity: 6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 525 mph
Range:  3,300 miles
Baggage Capacity: 55 cu.ft.
Citation Excel/XLS
The Citation Excel/XLS has one of the most efficient turbofans which enable the Citation Excel to climb to 43,000 feet in just 22 minutes.  The Excel private jet's trailing link landing gear make for a smoother taxi and softer landings.
Capacity: 6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 480 mph
Range:  1,829 miles
Baggage Capacity: 79 cu.ft
Citation III
The Citation III is a mid-sized, high performance business jet.  It is a perfect combination of size and speed. 

Capacity:  7-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 450 mph
Range: 2,000 miles
Baggage Capacity:  62 cu.ft 
Citation VI
The Citation VI was intended to be an economy version of the Citation III.  It is among the fastest in the mid-sized jet category with a good baggage and good cabin.  The Citation VI has perfect combination of size and speed while still achieving its hot day high-altitude takeoff capabilities.

Capacity:  7 passengers
Cruising Speed:  450 mph
Range:  2,189 miles
Baggage Capacity:  62 cu.ft.
Citation VII
The Citation VII private jet is the fastest, most comfortable, and most versatile, and reliable mid-size jet.  It cruises faster then any other aircraft in its category.

Capacity: 7-8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  516 mph
Range: 2,000 miles
Baggage Capacity:  62 cu.ft
Gulfstream 100
The Gulfstream 100 is a high performance business jet that offers the best combination of cabin size, performance and reliability in its class.  It is a fast twin-engine aircraft that has a flight altitude of 41,000 feet.  The Gulfstream 100 is designed for medium to long range trips.

Capacity: 6-9 passengers
Cruising Speed:  435 mph
Range: 3,349 miles
Baggage Capacity:  64 cu.ft.
Gulfstream 150
The Gulfstream 150  is an ultimate choice in business travel.  The G150 soars past the competition in nearly every category.  It is a beautiful aircraft with a wide cabin.  It can rise to high altitudes and hight speeds.  The G150 can take you from New York to LA in 5 hours and 40 minutes.

Capacity:  6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  3,950 miles
Baggage Capacity:  80 cu.ft.
Hawker 700
The Hawker 700 is one of the most popular mid-size corporate jets in service today.  Passengers prefer an aircraft of this calss because of its cabin size, comfort and range.  It is well suited for non stop flights over 2,000 miles. 

Capacity:  8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  484 mph
Range:  2,000 miles
Baggage Capacity:  40 cu.ft.
Hawker 800/800XP
The Hawker 800/800XP is a mid-size twin-engine corporate aircraft.  The XP features uprated engine, enhanced aerodynamics, increased weight and system upgrades.  It has one of the largest cabins with almost 40 percent more space than its competitors.

Capacity:  8-9 passengers
Cruising Speed:  500 mph
Range:  2,800 miles
Baggage Capacity:  45 cu.ft.
Hawker 850XP

With new winglets that reduce drag and an advanced avionics suite that enhances operational efficiency, the Hawker 850XP climbs faster, delivers better performance and goes farther on less fuel than its predecessors. In addition, with the largest cabin in its class, the 850XP provides unparalleled passenger comfort for a mid-size jet.

Capacity: 8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 450 mph
Range: 2,900 miles
Baggage Capacity: 49.5 cu. ft.
Hawker 900XP
The Hawker 900XP  has extended range, superb reliability and undeniable comfort.  It also has the ability to make non-stop flights form New York to Honolulu.  With low operating costs, fuel efficiency and a spacious cabin, the Hawker 900XP represents an unbeatable value.

Capacity: 6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 536 mph
Range:  2,950 miles
Baggage Capacity:  50 cu.ft.
Lear 45/45XR
The Learjet 45/45XR is an aircraft produced by Bombardier Aerospace.  The Lear 45XR is an upgraded version of the Learjet 45.  The Lear 45XR model features higher takeoff weights, faster cruise speeds, and faster time to climb rates.  

Capacity:  6-8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 524 mph
Range: 2,246 miles
Baggage Capacity: 65 cu.ft.
Lear 55
The Lear 55 is yet another great aircraft in the Lear family.  The Lear 55 is more spacious than most Learjet models.  The Lear 55 has a standing cabin which makes it more comfortable than its competition. 

Capacity: 7-8 passengers 
Cruising Speed:  522 mph
Range:  2,140 miles
Baggage Capacity:  57.5 cu.ft
Lear 60
The Lear 60 is another impressive aircraft of the Lear Jet fleet. The Lear 60 can fly nonstop coast to coast while passengers enjoy a smooth stress free flight in comfort.  Thanks to its comfort, range, and speed, the Lear 60 has become one of the more popular business jets.

Capacity:  7-8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  522 mph
Range:  2,615 miles
Baggage Capacity:  55 cu.ft.
Sabreliner 60
The Sabreliner 60 has achieved striking performance and overall comfort. It will carry up to 8 passengers, with two pilots, at altitudes up to 43,000 feet in pressurized, air conditioned comfort. This aircraft features a range of over 1,300 miles and can fly at speeds over 500 mph. The interior design includes luxurious leather seating in an executive club configuration.
Capacity:  8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 515mph
Range: 1,350 miles
Baggage Capacity: 43 cu. ft.
Sabreliner 65
Capacity: 8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 525 mph
Range: 2,650 miles
Baggage Capacity: 43 cu. ft.
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