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TRAVEL DAILY NEWS: Airstream Jets offers new jet card concept based on miles, not hours

BOCA RATON, FL – Florida based Airstream Jets has introduced a new twist to the jet card market with the release of its DISTANCE CARD™, which bases its pricing on total miles flown rather than hours.

“The Distance Card pricing model is revolutionary for its simplicity and flexibility. There is nothing else like it on the market. All other jet cards offer only the hour-based pricing model in some form or another. The level of flexibility the Distance Card provides is unprecedented. It’s like having a fleet of 5,000 private jets at your fingertips with real-time pricing on all of them – the concept is a game changer in the industry!” said Airstream Jets CEO, Pete Maestrales.

The price per mile is all inclusive, so Airstream Jets’ Cardmembers can easily figure the exact cost of a trip prior to departure.